Project Rotary for Planet: 1,2 Milion trees

Global Tree Planting Program by Rotary Members

A global tree planting program by Rotary members and friends and supporters. Created on the basis of the idea of ​​Małgorzata Szymczyk from Rotary Club Katowice, Poland. The project involves global cooperation of Rotary Clubs for the Planet. The project aims to raise awareness of the role of trees in maintaining ecological systems and preventing climate change. Rotary International has almost 1.2 million members and over 200,000. Rotaract members of the junior branch of this global organization. Planting takes place all over the world, taking into account regional requirements. Every year in November, a summary of the activities of a given year takes place at Golf Park Mikołów.


About application

Project „Rotary for PLANET” has now its own app created by Antoni Skup (Warszawa Fryderyk Chopin Rotaract Club). Thanks to the app, Clubs from all over the world can register their progress with planting, and the other participants of the project can familiarize themselves with the event, club, place and number of planted trees. A map will show all of the places where Rotary planted trees. It will be a type of a noble rivalry for our and our planet’s sake. Join us. TOGETHER we can do MORE.

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ROTARY for PLANET - 1,2 Milion Trees - Start of global project

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